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Our Rooms

The Nilgiri Wood Pigeon Cottage

Housed in a four room block unit, The Nilgiri Wood Pigeon Standard Room offers a 325 sq ft room with subtle neutral interiors, artistic décor, and a comfortable double bed to share.

The Forest Eagle Owl Wooden Cottage

Fulfill the childhood dreams of living in a tree house with our Forest Eagle Owl Wooden Tree House rooms. Adorable wooden cottages on raised stilts, these rooms are something straight out of a childhood piece of literature.

The Malabar Hornbill Panoramic Cottage

One of our most sought after rooms, The Malabar Hornbill Deluxe Private Room is a cosy 364 sq ft, perched at the top floor. Placed in a two room block unit, this room offers our guests complete privacy.

The Blue-winged Parakeet Valley View Cottage

Nestled amidst the lush Nilgiri forests, the views from our resort are simply breathtaking, and our Blue-winged Parakeet Deluxe rooms are just the perfect place to enjoy your much needed repose in the nature.

The Yellow Finch Private Pool With Jacuzzi Cottage

Offering ultimate luxury in the lap of lush nature, The Yellow Finch Pool Room is the most premium room that our property has to offer. Housed in a two room block unit, this room boasts of a private pool.

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