A Pristine Gem in The Nilgiris


Thekkady - A Pristine Gem in The Nilgiris

A quaint little town in the state of Kerala, Thekkady is a mesmerising gem in the lap of rolling hills, surrounded by the lushest emerald forests. The weather of this beautiful hill station is mostly cool and pleasant, with soothing foggy and misty mornings. Visitors can simply marvel in the beauty of nature, magnificent hills, lush evergreen forests, cascading waterfalls and pristine solitude this jewel has to offer. It is also home to a diverse wildlife population and a paradise for nature lovers. A hub of culture, fragrant spices and coffee plantations, rich biodiversity and exciting activities, Thekkady has something to offer for for everyone, making it a perfect destination for your next vacation.

Activities & Attractions

Wildlife Spotting

Thekkady is blessed with an incredibly bountiful biodiversity where you can spot wild fauna such as tigers, leopards, elephants barking deer, mouse deer, gaur and more.

Spice Plantation Tour

Kerala is popularly known as the spice garden of India, owing to the sheer variety and extremely high quality of spices that are grown in this region.

Herbal Treatments and Massages

Every year people from all over the world visit Kerala for its famous herbal massages and
highly effective Ayurvedic treatments.

Bamboo Rafting and Boating

Enjoy tranquility and breathtaking views of nature, as you take a soothing ride on a traditional bamboo raft on Lake Periyar.

Trekking and Hiking

Thekkady is situated in the lap of pristine Nilgiri mountains, covered with lush green forests, which offer a number of exciting and interesting hiking trails. 

Cultural Experience

The rich art and culture of Kerala is unparalleled, and at Thekkady you can book yourself a front row seat to immerse yourself in this glorious experience.

Delectable Cuisine

Thekkady is a foodie's heaven offering lip smacking gastronomical delights. Rich, spicy and luscious, the cuisine of this region is absolutely a must-have.

National highway 183, Chottupara P.O. Vandiperiyar Kumily,
Thekkady, Idukki, Kerala 685533
+91 01234 56789 | +91 01234 56789
[email protected]

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